Quick Wedding Update

Hey everybody, with just under two weeks until the wedding, we are in full preparation mode. This process has been unique and challenging. Along with buying tulle and pumpkins for decoration, we have also purchased facemasks and hand sanitizer. Navigating wedding planning during a pandemic has been challenging, and we are both excitedly counting down the days until we say I Do! However, as we get nearer, we may be posting less as Drew has had to focus his time on painting pumpkins and other decor needs and Kay on organizing wedding day logistics.

White Rose
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

When we got engaged, we had no idea about all of the small details that go into getting married, it has been stressful! It is safe to say our eyes have been opened, and we can now sympathize more with event planners. We are looking forward to taking a short break from work and enjoying some time together as we Honeymoon in Northern Michigan. Once we return, we will return to our typical posting schedule and will post some behind the scenes wedding content!

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