Our Top 7 Favorite Party Games

Exploding Kittens – A fan favorite and classic (can we say that?) game that has players avoid the titular exploding kitten. Many grudges were formed, from attacks, stolen defuse cards, and kittens placed directly on the top of the deck. If you haven’t played it, we highly recommend it. 

Spyfall – A guess the spy game in which everyone has to role-play a character (or at least we try too). Is your group on an army base, a museum, or a carnival it’s up to the spy to figure it out. A timer is set, and questions are asked. If you want to see the game played, we recommend the Node youtube channel, which features the guys and girls from Corridor Digital. 

Resistance – Tired of living under a tyrannical government, then join the resistance. But be careful spies have infiltrated the resistance, and it’s up to the group to figure out who it is. So many screaming matches, accusations, and desperate speeches have come from this game. One of the first games Drew played in college with floormates in the common room. Friendships and stories were made that will last forever. 

Secret Hitler – Introduced by a few college buddies, Drew immediately took a liking to this game. Similar to The Resistance, a spy finding game in which voting matters. Adding a few random elements and a historical background makes this superior to the Resistance (In Drew’s opinion, Kay disagrees). 

Codenames – Join the red team or the blue team and try to guess the other team’s agents. A caller gives clues to help their team try and figure out the codenames that correspond to the enemy agents. 

Red Dragon Inn – A game about drinking and partying after another successful adventure. Take on the role of an adventurer flush with gold as they drink with their comrades in the Red Dragon Inn. The last person still drinking or with gold wins the game. We like to drink along with our characters (not alcoholically, and not keeping all the way up). 

Jackbox – We seriously don’t know if this counts but its one of the most used party games we have. A collection of mini-games that has each player playoff their phone. Our favorite game is Trivia Murder Party from Jackbox 3 and 6. Trivia combined with Saw is somehow hilarious and always refreshing (somehow). Other favorites include Quiplash, Fibbage, Fakin’ It, and Patently Stupid. 

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