Which Streaming Services To Go For

Streaming content has become the norm. Many families are cutting cable and instead paying for a couple of streaming services. The problem is that lots of companies are trying to create their own streaming services and pulling their content from the big ones. With content spread too thin between different services, the value for them is lessened. Here are some of the streaming services we have used and whether we think they are worth it. 

Netflix – The grand-daddy streaming service. Once a DVD rental service that quickly changed to an online streaming service. In the beginning, the only one in existence, so its content was broad and included network shows and Disney content. As time passed, it lost more content as all the companies wanted to start their own service. It got enough money to start making its own content. We don’t feel like Netflix is as worth it as it was, but we keep coming back to it for a couple of shows. 

Hulu – We only have Hulu because of a deal with Spotify and nothing else. Its prospects are looking up as it’s owned by Disney. Focused more on network tv instead of creating content. We use it very sparsely and would not have it if it wasn’t bundled with something else. 

Disney Plus – One of the newer options in the streaming wars. The one Drew thinks will survive as it has the biggest backing. It also has the largest backlog of content. Definitely worth it now as more content has been put on, and with the acquisition of Fox lots of new possible content. Plus, nostalgia. 

Youtube – We don’t know if this counts, but we feel this is the best streaming service possible. Filled to the brim with the exact content you want to watch. All you have to do is give a quick search, and any content exists.  

Amazon Prime – Used more than Hulu, but very specific with its content. If you pay for prime worth downloading but otherwise not worth it. 

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