Make Your Own Games With Game Dev Tycoon

Drew loves tycoon games. Running a restaurant, an amusement park, or even running a mall can be some of the most absorbing and relaxing gameplay of all time. Drew has even gotten Kay hooked on playing a few of them. This one, however, mainly appeals to him. Game Dev Tycoon is exactly what the title is. You start up a video game company in the early days of the art form from your garage. The goal is to become the biggest name in gaming.

As stated, you start in your garage programming text games for early PCs and Commodore. The years go by and, you quickly have to adapt to 3D games, Open Worlds, and even MMO’s. You have to upgrade buildings, hire employees, and keep researching new things to try. Will you specialize in action, adventure, or strategy. What do you focus on while building games, the story, the sound or, the gameplay? Everything you do influences the fate of your company. Will you make it into modern-day gaming or, will you become a relic of a bygone era.

Made by greenheart games with love game dev tycoon is a love letter to the video game industry. Available on the app store, google play store, the switch (soon), and steam. We highly recommend the game. It’s easy to pick up play for a bit and put down.

Find out more about Green Light and Game Dev Tycoon here:

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