How to Make a Killer Stir Fry

Kay’s comfort food is stir-fry. When we say stir fry we mean more like fried rice. It was something Drew made very often back in college as a quick and healthy dinner and, Kay’s family made it often during childhood. Best made with fresh vegetables, jasmine rice, and marinated meat. We often find ourselves using leftover meat or rice and transforming it into a stir-fry and enjoying it.   

The key to making a good stir fry is to know what you want. What we mean by this is that you need to know how you want it to taste at the end. Do you want it to be sweeter, more umami, or maybe just highlight the vegetables? Answering these questions help guide you during the cooking process. 

Cooked Chilled Rice

It’s best to make the rice beforehand and chill in the fridge. We recommend anything but instant rice and to make it in a rice cooker/instapot, not in a microwave. 

Jasmine Rice 

White Rice

Brown Rice

Vegetable Options: 








Peppers (Green, Orange, Red, Yellow)




Freezer pack of vegetables

Protein Options:





Spam (yes spam)



Leftovers (anything left in the fridge) 

Sauce options: 

Soy sauce


Hot chili paste



Homemade sauce 

Combining various items to make tasty flavor combinations. We like to change the amounts depending on our craving. Some Nights it’s sweeter and other nights we add more vinegar. Most nights we omit ingredients. The only one we use every time we have stir fry is soy sauce. Taste as you go.

Mirin (cooking wine)

Fish Sauce

Rice Vinegar

Brown sugar

Soy Sauce

Seasonings and Miscellaneous Other items

Salt and Pepper

MSG (If you get headaches from it don’t use it)

Chinese Five Spice (Cinnamon, Anise, Clove, Sichuan Pepper, Fennel Seeds)  

Garlic Powder/Onion Powder (if Lazy) 

Wok (or Large Cooking Pan)  

Wooden Spatula

Vegetable Oil/Sesame Oil


First, we recommend pre-cooking the rice and allowing it to chill in the fridge. This is a simple yet important step. Next, heat the wok with some oil on medium-high heat. Add in the protein of your choosing and season appropriately. Once, the proteins are done remove from the wok and add in the vegetables. More oil may be necessary depending upon used protein. Cook to desired doneness. (We like our vegetables to have some form of a bite.) Add back in the protein and now add the rice. Add in the sauce of choice and cook down. Stir frequently to prevent burning and even coating with the sauce. Once all the flavors have gotten to know each other you’re ready to serve. 

Our Favorite Combinations

Spam+Cabbage or Kimchi+Onions+Garlic+Peppers+Hot Chili Paste

Chicken+Broccoli+Frozen Vegetables+Soy Sauce

Thanks for Reading.

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