Our Gen Con Haul and Others

Recently Gen Con Online happened, and during that time, many games were showcased and on sale. Since there were so many great deals, we couldn’t stop ourselves and bought a few.

Our Haul includes:

One of Drew’s favorite games and he loves the expansions.

RDI: Spyke and FLower

We recently have been on a munchkin kick so this made sense.

Window Clings: Normandy, Three Broomsticks

We thought these looked amazing and cant wait to use them. (Normandy print is behind and we’re saving them because they are one time use)

Imperial Settlers +1 Expansion

Kay thought it looked good and it was a good deal.

Other Games recently ordered/Kickstarted:

Kay loves tea and ordered Chai as soon as she saw it.

Here to Slay

A game we Kickstarted a long time ago, and are excited to see.

Arcane Academy

Something new to try.

We can’t wait to try them out and tell you all about them.

Still on order: Disney Munchkin

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