Kingdom: Nothing Lasts….

Starting a kingdom from the ground up is hard. It doesn’t help when every night monsters try to steal all of your gold. Welcome to Kingdom, a game of trying to last. You play as a ruler (King or Queen) entering a new realm trying to create a prosperous kingdom. Start, by giving coins to peasants to have them become your subjects and set them to work. Your subjects can take on the roles of farmer, hunter, builder, and eventually, knight.

Kingdom is a 2D side-scrolling kingdom creation and management simulator. With beautiful pixel art and slick, simple controls, Kingdom will enthrall you for hours. The goal of the game is to see how long you can survive monster attacks by trying to make the kingdom safe. You lose the game when the monsters (aka the Greed) attack the ruler and steal the crown. Build defenses and hire archers to hold off the hoards. Have farmers bring in coins and have builders upgrade and expand your realm. Coins influence everything and, every single coin matters. Upgrading defenses, hiring people, or giving money to statues all cost a hefty amount of coin, and prioritizing is up to the ruler. With one mistake, however, the entire kingdom can fall (Beware Blood Moons).

We played this game because Drew had booted it up as part of his backlog of games on Steam. But he was quickly kicked out of his seat before the tutorial was even over. Kay was immediately attracted to the visuals and played the game for the rest of the night. For the next few nights, Kay worked hard to beat Kingdom and, we are glad to say she did. Kay was hooked on the simplicity of the game. The controls were simple and the strategy was pretty straightforward at first. Also the monster attacks and risk of not having enough money created entertaining stakes that kept Kay on the edge of her seat. The first night she played she didn’t even realize that 2 hours had passed. All of these components combined make one successful game.

We highly recommend this game, or one of it’s sequels. Kay is currently working through Kingdom: New Lands and I assume she will try the next one after that. The games are on basically everything including mobile devices, consoles, and computers. The social links for the game are at the top of the page. Thanks for reading. Please remember to like subscribe and share our blog with your family and friends!

If your interested in the game Humble Bundle has it in bundle right Now:

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