Day 2 and 3 of Gen Con Online

For the final days of Gen Con, we attended a few events and continued to check out all of the vendors (there are a ton!)

Yesterday, we attended another seminar. This one was hosted by Steve Jackson Games and they talked about their forty years in the industry. Steve and his partner Phill answered questions about their products and ideas for about an hour. The event was hosted on discord and was fantastically moderated. It was so interesting to listen to one of the biggest names in board gaming talk about his ambitions and predictions for the future. He also delved into why he has been able to stick around so long while other companies sold out or went bankrupt. He notably mentioned that he hasn’t sold the company because he hasn’t been offered a large enough sum to make it worth it. We think his passion for creating board game content extends far beyond monetary desires.

Next, we were supposed to attend a Marvel Splendor unboxing and preview. As you may know, we are huge fans of Splendor, and Kay was especially excited about the event! Unfortunately, after signing onto the message board for the event, we noticed that no information was provided and, no one showed up to the event. In the comments, someone directed us to a video on the company’s web page that featured a short video run-through of the game. This was disappointing for us because we had hoped to watch the game played live and hear the creators talk more about it while interacting with the audience.

Our disappointment was quickly cleared up with today’s remedy, shopping!!! We placed orders for a few of the board game and merchandise deals we found throughout the weekend. Our purchases included some really, beautiful window clings from Ian Leino and Munchkin Gloom from Atlas Games.

Overall, this is not the ideal way to attend our first convention, but we feel Gen Con really embraced the online convention setting. We felt at home with our fellow geeks and enjoyed the weekend. We cannot wait for next year and hope we can attend Gen Con in Indiana.

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