Our First Day Of Gen Con

Today was our first day of Gen Con Online! This is our first ever board game convention and the largest board game convention in North America.

First, we attended a seminar for content creators about creating engaging content. It was a Q&A with well-known creators and publishers. It was nice to hear from fellow creators on how they started small and worked hard to expand their brand. They also gave tips and tricks for a few insider secrets.

Next, we checked out The Looking Glass. A place on Gen Con’s website that includes all exhibitors and links to their websites. It also had links to discord chats, twitch, and more. This is a really unique way to navigate all that Gen Con Online has to offer. Gen Con has really risen to the occasion by responding to covid-19 with positivity and fining creative solutions to accommodate everyone.

We then listened to a concert on the Gen Con twitch channel. The Doubleclicks were playing at the time. The Doubleclicks are a nerd-folk band formed by two sisters from Portland. It was interesting to watch their performance on Twitch instead of live in person but entertaining all the same.

We finished our day by looking at social media of the Gen Con events and attendees and looking at a few of the vendors websites for Gen Con exclusives. We will share our recommendations in a post tomorrow.

We are so excited to keep participating and even more excited for what we have planned to come.

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