Pan-Seared Steak

Steaks are a rare dinner for us and, I hope a rare dinner for you. When we do get a steak, we want to make sure it’s cooked right. We don’t want to eat shoe leather and waste what was once a perfect cut of meat. So here is how we make a beautiful pan-seared steak. 

Tips to get the best from the steak

  • Season generously
  • Let rest the full time 
  • Know what doneness you want
  • Use a meat thermometer
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To start, dry your meat with a paper towel. Then season generously with kosher salt and ground pepper. Time to get the pan ready. We cook our steak in a cast iron pan. We find it adds a nice flavor and a crisp edge to the steak. To start up, heat a small amount of vegetable oil in the chosen pan at medium to medium-high heat. Test to make sure your oil is ready to go. When ready, lay the meat in the pan and press down using your cooking tool to make sure the meat is flat in the pan. Cook for up to 3 minutes before flipping. Cook for another 3 minutes. *Cooking time will vary depending on the desired doneness.* Pick steak up and sear edges to cook the white fat. Once seared, add in aromatics and butter. We like garlic and rosemary as the aromatics. Turn heat down and spoon melted butter over for a minute or two. When done, remove steak from the pan and set aside to let rest for 5-10 min. The steak will finish cooking during this time.


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Best Paired With

  • Grilled/Roasted Asparagus
  • Roasted Garlic Potatoes
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Corn on The Cob
  • A stunning Chimichurri

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