An Oral History Of The Office

We love The Office. It’s our favorite TV show. We rewatch it constantly. It is THE show for us. Since the show aired its series finale in May 2013, we are always on the hunt for unseen content. We have watched all the bloopers and special features we can find. Kay follows most of the cast on social media and, we enjoy the throwback content they occasionally post. But still, we are left unsatisfied and wanting more. Thankfully our hunger has been satiated by the new podcast, An Oral History Of The Office.

An Oral History Of The Office is hosted, by Brian Baumgartner, better known from his role on The Office as Kevin Malone. Brian walks us through the creation of the American version of The Office, starting from the British show and its impact on the creators. He covers everything from phone calls and conversations about reworking the show for American audiences to the struggle of getting it approved/picked up at by a network. And that’s all just in the first episode. Later episodes talk about casting, finding a location, shooting the first season, the struggle to find an audience, and more.

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The show itself has excellent production value. The sound is crisp and clear, and Brian is an excellent host. The podcast has its own Office esque theme music and transitions. Many cast and crew interviews are used to expand the narrative behind the show’s creation. And to shed some light on different aspects of tv creation. It is fascinating to hear the history of our beloved show from familiar and unfamiliar voices.

We love this podcast. It embodies many things we enjoy. History, The Office, and a perfect voice to listen to while cooking dinner or rewinding before bed. All in all, we recommend this delightful podcast and look forward to the upcoming episodes!

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