The Puppy Life 2

Oh boy, has life been busy for a puppy. Abbey was spayed a few weeks ago, which was not an enjoyable experience for all involved parties. It was challenging keeping an exited puppy calm and she hated wearing the cone of shame. She is adjusting to life post move and has a new friend in Mr. Barclay, an 8 year old golden doodle. Abbey enjoys chasing Barclay around the backyard much to his chagrin. She has enjoyed new smells to smell, dog toys to play with, and a new set of stairs to conquer. Also, Abbey has grown considerably over these past few months. We estimate she is around 35-40 pounds. She still tries to cram herself into the weirdest spots. We don’t know why but she sleeps upside down. Abbey will do anything for her food including sit, stay, lay down, and shake. Recently she has become overexcited to eat and has taken to combining all those commands into one and immediately rolls over on her belly!


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