Easy To Play Gateway Games To Get Hooked On Gaming

We love board gaming. But sometimes it’s hard to convince people to play. Castles of Burgundy, Betrayal, and even Pandemic seem to complex and turns our family and friends off from playing. Because of this, we have to be very selective on what games we bring before them. Here are the games that went over well for us.

Carcassone – An easy to understand tile-laying game. The scoring can be a little intimidating for new players but with a few tries and in-game scoring, Carcassone can prepare people for more complex realm building games. 

Catan – Probably the only game on this list that non-board gamers have heard of. A game that is somehow more complex than the others but at the same time easier. A luck-based civilization-building game with dice rolling and resource collecting.

Sheriff of Nottingham – A game perfect for teaching bluffing skills to new players. It allows people to learn bluffing and ease into doing it by having people win with different strategies. No one ever is out of the game as one good round can turn the tide.

Codenames – A party game that teaches and encourages creativity. Has two teams fight against each other guessing words similar to charades but in a more controlled manner. 

Splendor – A household favorite. For us, the true gateway game. It got both of our families to be open to other games. They even acquired their own copy of the game. 

Find our review of Splendor HERE

For those interested in the process of making board games try this movie/documentary:

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