Grill Alternatives For July 4th

For this July 4th try something new for your food. Take the traditional burgers and hot dogs and instead do something crazy. Here are a few ideas to spice up the family gathering. 

Kabobs – Marinated chicken with fresh vegetables go beautifully on the grill and will be a big hit with the family. 

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Sausage – Buy some nice Italian sausages, brats, or kielbasa. Easy to cook and serve alongside the traditional hot dogs. 

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Lobster Rolls – If you have the budget cook up some lobster and slap it on a toasted bun with some butter and you have an amazing summer treat. 

Pork Chops – Glaze with some whiskey or a teriyaki marinade to make a delicious meal perfect for in the summer sun.  

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Ribs – They can take quite a bit of time but if done right these can be the highlight of the summer. 

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Here are a few things that might help in your grilling adventures.

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