Roll Up Some Fun With Sushi Go Party!

Designer: Phil Walker-Harding

Artists: Nan Rangsima

Publisher: Gamewright, Devir, Rebel Sp. z o.o., Reflexshop, White Goblin Games, Zoch Verlag, edizioni

Year Published: 2016

No. of Players: 2-8

Ages: 8+

Playing Time:  20min 

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Want a buffet of sushi right on your table. Then Sushi Go Party is the game for you. A card-playing and passing game meant for a good party.

Sushi Go Party is an expanded game from the original with more options for fans. Up to 8 players can take part in deciding a menu to play. Have temaki, with soy sauce and dumplings or pick tofu, maki, and chopsticks. Games can be made interactive between players or made simple for an easy game. Rack up big points or go for a more complex game. The possibilities are endless.

Each round is just as important as the last. Will a player go for the desserts when a few are already on the table or do they go for playing points? Games are as complex or as simple as you want to make them.

As with most games that have a board the first step is to put the board in front of you. Players will then choose a color and place the corresponding pawn on 0. Now the hard part happens, and that is to create the menu you would like to play. The game has different types of cards, and each game only uses so many of each type. Each menu will consist of Nigiri cards, 1 Roll, 3 Appetizers, 2 Specials, and 1 Dessert. You get to choose what cards to use. To help the rules have a few sample menus to use. After you have chosen the cards to use, then put the corresponding tiles into the board. These tiles help with scoring each round. Separate the dessert cards and shuffle the rest together to form a deck. Depending upon the number of players, shuffle in 5 (2-5 players) or 7 (6-8 players) dessert cards. Finally, deal out cards depending upon the number of players 10 (2-3 players), 9 (4-5 players), 8 (6-7 players), 7 (8 players). Now, you are ready to play.

In 3 rounds the game is played. Before each round, dessert cards are added to the deck, and everyone is dealt a hand of cards. Play happens simultaneously, in which each player will put down one card to keep. Cards are revealed at the same time, and then the current hand is passed to the player on the left. Players then have to play from the new cards given to them. Play continues in this manner until all the cards are gone. After the hands are empty, scoring begins. Score according to the tiles on the board and move pawns to the corresponding number. After scoring the round, shuffle all the cards back into the deck except dessert cards. Dessert cards stay with a player until the end of the game. Start a new round. After the end of the 3rd round, dessert cards are scored with the rest. As with most games the player that has the most points win. A tie goes to the player with the most dessert cards.

Theme and Mechanics:
The theme matches the party purpose of the game. Its simplicity during the rounds is excellent. How cards interact with each other makes the different menus fun to play and try.

Artwork and Components:
We love the cute artwork. It oozes family friendliness. The cards are all of high quality and come in a tin. We have not had any problem with anything in the tin except storing it is a bit awkward with other games.

The Good:
Difficulty is controllable
Anyone can play

The Other:
Scoring can be difficult
Setup takes a bit of time

Final Thoughts:
Sushi Go Party sounds complex, but it really isn’t that bad. It takes 1 round to understand how to play. Having someone that has played the game before helps immensely in making setup go smoothly. A great party game that’s, quick enough to hold a party’s attention. Bring it to spice up any family event as well.

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