Save Your Herd In Sheep Boom-Bah

Designer: Bob Craig, Ryan Craig 

Artists: Alisha Volkman

Publisher: One Day West Games

Year Published: 2019

No. of Players: 2-4 Players

Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 20 minutes

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Sheep Boom-Bah brings the barnyard to your table. The Kickstarted game involves guessing, luck, and a hint of strategy. This is a chaotic and interactive game for 2 to 4 players that pits each player against each other in a competition to return all sheep safely to their barn. The game is easy to pick up and play. It is perfect for a family game night.

With a little bit of luck and draws, a player can turn the game around in a single round. This leaves the final winner always in question and each game we played always had people in a short distance from one another at the end. Fighting for your sheep while stealing from your opponents doesn’t get old.

The game is kept fun and young with its creative puns and funny artwork. Sheep Boom-Bah is sure to entertain players of all ages and abilities. This well-rounded game allows for strategic play but not all players need to be at the same level of play. Additionally, unknown twists of the cards provide a level of excitement to the game which encourages replay.


Sheep Boom-Bah is easy to set up. Each player chooses a color and takes a corresponding board and sheep. Connect the borders in the order of letters on the back in a clockwise direction. Then, according to the number of players, you mix mine, safe field, and barn tiles together. After, mixing up the stack of tiles, they are laid out in a 5 x 5 grid. The card deck is shuffled and 4 cards are dealt to each player. The starting player is determined by their best sheep impression. The first player then puts a sheep on an unoccupied start space on the border. Next, moving clockwise, each player takes a turn to place a sheep until all sheep have been placed. The game is now ready to be played.


Similar to the setup, the game is easy to play. Players take turns in a clockwise fashion. During a turn, a player takes two actions and has the choice of moving a sheep onto a field tile (known or unknown) or moving a sheep in their barnyard into their barn. During a turn, a player can also play any number of cards in their hand. Cards can be played at any time during a turn including before or after any action. Once a player is done they then draw back up to 4 cards and play passes to the next player. Some cards can be played on an opponents turn and are stated on the cards if they can.

Theme and Mechanics:

Sheep Boom-Bah allows players to take the role of a farmer whose sheep have wandered into a minefield. Players work against one another to discover where their barn is and to herd all the sheep back to their barn for safety. The mechanics are simple but the cards bring an element of unpredictability. The different cards are all-powerful and using all of them in a turn is encouraged.

Artwork and Components:

All components are of excellent quality. The cardboard is smooth, the pieces have no frays and the cards have a good hand feel. The wooden carved sheep and barn are pleasant additions and give the game substance. The names of cards are all creative and fit the sheep motif. The artwork is all cute and cartoony but not childish. Our game came with an extra sheep for each color.

The Good:


Easy to pick up

Anyone can win at any point

Luck and strategy needed to win

The Other

Not ideal game for two people 

Final Thoughts : 

An excellent game to play in a family setting Sheep Boom-Bah does not require the best strategy as luck is an important influence in the game. This makes it a great game for players of all experience levels. The scores were very close until the end adding to the excitement of announcing the winner. Additionally, the interesting premise and creative artwork add fun elements that will keep players entertained.

Players Who Like:

Chaotic gameplay

Card playing


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