Time To Go To The Numbers

Do you love horror movies? I do and so does the channel Dead Meat. A youtube channel meant to bring to light horror movies and specials. Created by James A. Janisse, Dead Meat hosts many different types of content all worth a watch.

The main show Dead Meat is known for is the Kill Count in which James (the host) goes through a quick rundown of a movie while counting the kills. Each video is filled to the brim with jokes and backstory. James covers the production and the making of the film as well as the special effects of the kills. A few videos do feature a capture count as the people are not killed. James is a wonderful host as his enthusiasm for the movies come through in each video.

Other content produced by the channel includes a podcast going more in-depth into movies and having special guests. The guests include actors and other famous people in the horror genre. Videos also include event coverage, including Monsterpalooza (which is a real thing), Halloween Horror Nights, and Texas Frightmare. Various other videos exist including supercuts of jokes/references, video game playthroughs, and P.O. Box openings.


They also have a film titled in search of darkness, all about 80’s horror so check that out as well.

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