Our Love For the Car

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hello, Drew here. One of the things we have found that we both love is car trips together. This is surprising because Kay gets carsick easily and hates driving while I don’t hate driving but I don’t love it. So the reason we found that we like the car so much is that it gives us time together. While in the car there is nothing else we can do but spend time with each other. We can talk about anything we want with nothing interrupting us. No phones, no other people, no internet, just uninterrupted time together. Some of the best conversations we have had with each other have been the results of an hour’s drive. In fact, we have now actually started looking forward to the drives to places and back. On the way, we sing our favorite songs. The famous Rock Ballads, recent Pop and country, or even the themes of T.V shows and movies.

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