My 10 Year Old Sister Read Harry Potter With Me, Here’s What We Thought!

Hi everyone, Kay here! During this quarantine time, all schools in Michigan were canceled for the rest of the school year. This means that parents have had to get creative in order to engage children in learning. For me, this created an amazing opportunity to bond with my sister over my childhood obsession; Harry Potter! Two times a week we video chat each other and read together, some weeks we listen to the audiobook. This time is treasured for me as I can re-experience the wonders of the wizarding world along with my little sister. 

I have asked her to write this post with me so we can compare ideas about the story from both points of view. For my sister’s privacy, we will call her Rose. 

Rose’s Thoughts

I really enjoyed hanging out with my sis  2 times a week reading. Since it was my first time reading Harry Potter I didn’t know what to expect even though I had watched some of the movies in the past.

My favorite characters were Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. I liked Ron because he is super funny and he made me laugh. I liked  Hermione because she is super smart and she always corrects Ron and Harry Potter. My favorite part of the book was when Hermione put together a schedule for the boys to do their homework and study for their final exams, that is another reason I like Hermione. 

I think that many of my friends would like to read Harry Potter because it was funny and full of adventure. I am looking forward to reading the second book with sister, Kay.

Kay’s Thoughts

    This time has been so special for me. I love being able to bond with my sister and relive some of my favorite Harry Potter moments. I will say the first book was not as exciting as I remembered but it was interesting to see JK Rowling’s foundational plots start in the first book. I loved meeting Harry and Ron again but thought they were rather rude to Hermione in the first book. This book was definitely geared more for children than the future books.

My Favorite Character: I love McGonagall in this first book! She is sassy, sharp-witted, and unpredictable. She really does care for her students but never lets them see it. My favorite McGonagall moment was when she caught Harry on the broomstick and recruited him for the Gryffindor Quidditch team! 

Overall Rating: 7/10 it wasn’t as interesting as I hoped and I’m sure that Rose’s newer books (especially her graphic novels) hold her interest more. The nostalgia is why I give it higher rating.  

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