The Tea Post

We think it’s time to start talking about something really important to us! The thing is we love tea. We know you might be thinking, “Tea? Isn’t that a boring drink?” To this, we say you are very, very wrong. Tea is as different and varied as pop. There are many types of tea including green, black, herbal, white and, many more. These teas all have varieties and flavors that can blow your mind. Drew’s personal favorite type is green teas while Kay’s is Black. More specifically Kay loves Earl Grey or Chai.

We love tea so much that we have experimented with many flavors and brewing methods.

Here is part of our collection:

Our tea collection (well, most of it)
Teas Listed Left to Right : Country Peach Passion, Downton Abbey Mrs.Patmore Pudding, Downton Abbey Estate Blend, David’s Chai, Countess of Seville
Teas Listed Left to Right : White Peach, Gunpowder, Samurai Mate, Earl Grey Rooibos, Just Peachy, Choco Chaga Detox
Teas Listed Left to Right : Watermelon Cooler, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey Lavender, Thai Chai, Lavender Buttercream

We recommend trying many different teas because the flavor is so varied and it may take a while to find one you like but it’s a nice healthy drink. It also is a good replacement for coffee as lots of tea has caffeine. We make a pot of boiling water every morning for our tea and use an electric water kettle. This has become an essential kitchen tool for us and we even bring it with us when we visit our parents for a weekend. We also recommend finding the tea mug that has the best hand feel. Kay prefers large mugs with long handles so you can hug your drink on chilly mornings. Also, the larger the mug, the more tea it will hold which is important to Kay! A nice design or funny saying is also great in a mug. We have included a few recomendations below. Another essential tool is the tea infuser. We prefer the cup infusers more than the tea balls because it is easier to prepare and keep clean.

Here is an electric water kettle

Here are a few things we recommend. Click on the image to see their store page and buy it if you fancy it. We highly recommend the Downton Estate Blend. It’s a vanilla flavored earl grey and is amazing with milk and sweetener.

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