Making Mediterranean Flatbread : Pitas

With the availability to cook more Drew has gone crazy in the kitchen. He has tried to make bread but instead of something traditional, he has gone for pitas. A simple recipe not requiring more than yeast, flour, water, salt, and olive oil. With three attempts we think they have come out ok. 

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What we used: 

  • All-purpose Flour 
  • Bread Yeast 
  • Warm Tap Water
  • Salt
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How we did it: 

 Using a Kitchen-Aid bowl, we mixed the yeast in the warm water. Once the yeast was dissolved we added some flour and let a sponge form. Then we mixed in the oil and salt. Then we added the rest of the flour and mixed on a low setting for a few minutes. The dough was then turned out on a lightly floured surface and formed into a ball. The bowl was greased in oil and the dough ball was put in it and covered. IT was then let to rise for a while (about 2-3 hours). The dough was then put on a floured surface again and cut into equal pieces and rolled into balls. The dough is then covered again with an oiled piece of saran wrap and allowed to rise again for a little amount of time. We then flattened the balls out and cooked in a greased cast iron pan on medium-high heat. 

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How it ended up: 

On the third attempt, the pitas ended up light and flavorful. The earlier versions ended up thicker and dense. The difference was the proper amount of time to rise and rolling them out thinner before cooking. We recommend trying to make your own kind of bread at least once. 


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