On Quarantine Movies

Lots of movies have been made about pandemics/diseases before our current situation. Here are a few to watch for you to compare. Also, because some of these are horror movies this was written mostly by Drew.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
  • Rec – A 2007 Spanish found footage horror movie. The movie is absolutely terrifying as it follows a news crew and firefighters that respond to a call in an apartment complex that now find themselves locked in the building. With people freaking out and unable to leave what does the hapless crew do? Why are they locked in? Watch the movie to find out. The movie is entirely in Spanish so get on your reading glasses. 
  • Quarantine – The American remake of Rec. I (Drew) thinks it’s of lesser quality and is not as good as the original. However, it does have some merit on its own and might still be worth a watch if you can’t handle subtitles. 
  • Contagion – A film that is basically our lives now albeit a little worse. It follows the progression of a worldwide pandemic as a disease runs through the population. The disease spreads through respiratory droplets. The disease depicted has a higher lethality then our current disease. It’s interesting to see the parallels in the movie and real life. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and is very relatable! (Kay watched this one) 
  • Outbreak – An earlier movie that deals with an Ebola-like virus. It tries to show how far the government might go in dealing with a lethal virus. We (Kay watched this one too) found that the pacing drags a bit in the beginning. 
  • Cabin Fever – It follows the traditional slasher formula except the killer is a virus that slowly infects the characters. A group of college kids travel to the woods to party and accidentally unleash a flesh-eating virus against themselves. It’s a bad movie but has a few so bad it’s good moments. 

Stay Safe out There and Have a Good Night.

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