How to Celebrate May the Fourth

For those that don’t know May the Fourth is considered a holiday in nerd culture. It is better known as Star Wars Day. The reason for the day is the famous line “May the force be with you” which sounds very similar to May the Fourth. Since we were both raised on the franchise we are fans and as such today we are going to celebrate in a few ways. Here are a few ways you could celebrate too.

  • Star Wars Marathon – the easiest way to celebrate is to watch the movies. The classics, prequels, and the newest movies are all available on Disney plus. If not, I’m sure you have DVDs or even VHSs of the films lying around. 

Here is a physical collection
  • Star Wars Food – Take the time and try to replicate something from the series or just try to make a themed meal. Cookies or cakes are easy to make Star Wars themed as well (I mean make a circle and you have the Death Star). 
The Cookbook From the New Park in Disney
  • Star Wars Memes – The internet happens to love this holiday. Thousands upon thousands of Star Wars jokes and memes are up all across the internet. Some of them might even make you chuckle.
  • Star Wars Games – There are more games about star wars then there are movies. Board games, and video games both filling every type of genre exist about the franchise. Good board games include Star Wars Rebellion, and Star Wars X-Wing. Good Video Games include Knights of the Old Republic and 2005 Star Wars Battlefront 2.
Here is How Drew Plays The Games

  • Star Wars Books – So there are even more books about Star Wars then there are games. Including stories once continuing after Return of the Jedi. Drew prefers what are called Star Wars Legends instead of the new trilogy. Drew recommends Heir to the Empire to read.
Drew Has the Original Cover

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