Games Everyone Can Play in Quarantine

  • Punch – A game taught to me by Kay and her family. I would describe punch as speed solitaire. Each player takes a deck of cards with a different back from the other players and counts out thirteen cards. They then put four face-up cards in front of them. The goal is to play the thirteen cards, and when you run out you yell punch. The deck becomes your hand, and you flip 3 cards at a time and can play the top card. Cards are played by making a stack of a suit and playing up from ace to king. You can only play the next card in a stack and since everyone has a full deck the quickest to play gets to stay. One of the thirteen is flipped when one of your four face-up cards are played. You can also play solitaire on the four cards in front of you. Games can go quickly or even stall out with no player being able to do anything.
  • Monopoly – The home destroyer. A game that everybody has a copy of but rarely plays because of the heat. This game relies on a little strategy but a lot of luck. Which is why it can turn into a rage inducer. It’s still around though because it’s a good game. Not a fair one, but a good game. 
  • Euchre – A Michigan staple. I’m sure many of you haven’t played or even heard of this game. You should though, hence why it’s on this list. It seems complicated but it’s simple when you figure it out. A four-player partner game that takes strategy to master. If you have the players take the time to learn it. We promise it’s worth it. If however you don’t have the numbers or have more, then we recommend the game, Skull King. A game brought to us by Kay’s little sister. Skull King is a trick-taking game like euchre but it has flexibility regarding the number of players. 
  • Skunk – A game Drew’s family plays that only takes 2 dice. The goal is to pass 100 points. You get points by rolling the dice and whatever they add up to you get. A player then can keep that number or roll again to get more. However, if you roll a 1 then any amount you have for this turn you lose. So if I roll 2 fours then I have 8 points, I can keep that or roll again. I choose to roll again and get a 3 and a 4. I then have 15 points. If I keep them, I pass the play and that is my total. Next turn I have the 15 points and whatever I roll is added to that. But if I roll a one on my first roll I get no more points and its the next player’s turn. The worst happens if you roll snake eyes (2 ones) then all points you have, even saved ones, go to 0. 

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