Shows to Watch in Quarantine/Whenever

One of the best things to burn time is to watch TV. I know, we have spent quite a bit watching shows. Here are the things we recommend:

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  • The Witcher – Has Game of Thrones being gone left a hole in your heart, well do I have the thing for you. The Witcher, based on a game which is based on novels, fills the void very well. It contains monsters, sword fighting, and more. A recent craze on Netflix, it is definitely worth a watch. 
  • The Office – If it’s your first time watching or your 30th, The Office is always up for a good laugh. A “documentary” showing the average day to day in an office including a crazy boss, annoying co-workers, and the thrills of selling paper. Drew finds both versions (American and British) worth a watch but understands that lines are drawn about both shows. 
  • Parks and Rec – Another show about the work done in everyday life. This show follows the Park and Recreation department of Pawnee Indiana. The main character of Leslie Knope is a government worker way too enthusiastic about her job is contrasted perfectly by Ron Swanson, a libertarian and her boss. We admit the first season isn’t the strongest but the show grows on you.
  • Friends – If you want to relive the 90s and early 2000’s then take the time to watch Friends. Following the antics of a group of six friends. It’s worth a watch for nostalgia. 
  • Cheers – A classic. If you have not seen the crazy antics of the place where everyone knows your name I recommend it. The ups and downs of the love story of Diane and Sam are something to behold. Mind you its a bit old so…its quite a bit dated. 
  • Frasier – One of the most successful spin-offs shows if not the most stars Frasier Crane as he returns from Boston. He has to learn to live with his aging father and the nuances of his crazy brother. Also, old so a bit dated, less so then Cheers.

(Side Note – This was written by Drew) 


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