Dragon Age: High Fantasy At It’s Best

People love entering a different world and exploring in the way they want too. Kids have been known to do this when they play in imaginary worlds. Adults do it through books, tv, and more recently games. One of the most popular methods for adults is playing Dungeons and Dragons. The problem with DnD is that it requires the cooperation of many people and can take days to accomplish the simplest of adventures. That is where video games come in. The game company Bioware developed a fantasy RPG (role-playing game) series where you lead an adventuring party to save the world. The series is called Dragon Age.

The first game in the series sees you being the last of an ancient order obligated to fight the darkspawn dealing with an overwhelming hoard of them coming from the south. You have to recruit party members to strengthen yourself as well as use treaties to seek help from all the races to fight the darkspawn menace. When you start the game, you can choose your race, your class and the background of your character. It allows for so much player freedom. You choose what your character says and does through various dialogue choices. You can act as a hero or be the chaotic menace that does a few good things. Your party reacts to your decisions and can grow closer to you or hate your guts but still follow you knowing you’re the best bet the world has. The world is large and contains tons of information. A codex given to you fills out with pages upon pages of information that could fill several books. It’s similar to the Lord of the Rings in which the world is fully fleshed out.

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The sequel called aptly Dragon Age 2 follows a new character made by you this time stuck as a human. You still get to choose your class. Your character starts out as a refugee fleeing from the darkspawn of the last game into a neighboring country. You slowly build yourself up with your family in the city of Kirkwall. You basically become the neighborhood watch and do your best to protect the city. Problems that you have to deal with are an invasion, a mage rebellion and the fallout from the last game.

The third and final game, for now, is called dragon age inquisition. In which after an accident at a peace conclave to stop the mage rebellion finds the world without its leaders. You find yourself as the only survivor of the summit and the only one to stop rifts opening up in the world summoning demons. This power has you become the leader of the inquisition. You must unite the world against these demons, settle the rebellion, deal with a coup and stop an ancient and intelligent darkspawn from destroying the world. I consider this game the best and a must-play even if you aren’t a fan of RPGs.

One of the best things about Bioware games is that the decisions and actions you take carry over from one game to the next. Your character from a previous one can show up and help you in your quest. It allows choices you make to seemingly have weight. If you haven’t played any of these games I highly recommend it.

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Rating: 10 out of 10.

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