Best Bar Trivia in East Lansing

Michigan State Spartans rank their favorite Bar Trivia in East Lansing

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1. The Riv – a college bar that offers themed trivia nights. The nights are announced on Facebook and you have to book a table. With our friends, we participated in Disney, Game of Thrones, The Office, and Harry Potter themed trivia. We did well most nights because our group was more competitive than other groups who were there to partake in the drinks. We won first place on Harry Potter night!

We love trivia at The Riv because the themed nights are more fun and engaging than the generic trivia. As long as it’s a theme your team is comfortable with then the harder questions are still doable. 

2. Tin Can – a bar that has locations all across Michigan including 1 in Lansing and 1 in East Lansing. The trivia questions are multiple choice and fill in the blank, with questions, answers, and the leaderboard displayed on TVs around the bar. This makes the game easier and allows you to still have a chance even if you don’t have a clue to the answer. 

Tin Can trivia is good for those who enjoy a mix of questions and a fun less rowdy atmosphere. It is also a good atmosphere for people who are not hardcore trivia fans. 

3. Crunchy’s – a fan favorite bar of MSU. It’s karaoke night and trivia nights are well known and popular among the students and locals alike. This means you have to get a table early to participate. The trivia is through Sporcle and follows traditional Sporcle rules. 

Sporcle Trivia at Crunchy’s is good for those who like a variety of questions and enjoy betting points on answers. We love Crunchy’s for its classic college town vibes and loyal spartan following. 

4. Claddagh Irish Pub – a bar further from campus that offers themed trivia nights. Similar to the Riv, trivia themes are announced on Facebook and you call ahead to get a table. These trivia nights were very fun but the bar itself is further from campus and has more of a mature atmosphere compared to the college scene of The Riv. We attended The Office and Friends themed night with our cousins and did not do very well. 

The Claddagh is fun for serious trivia nerds who want a quieter atmosphere and delicious food. They also do a fun themed menu with food and drinks related to the theme. 

We know that we have not yet gone to all of the local trivia nights. Leave a comment and let us know some of your favorites so we can check them out! 

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