American’s Review the Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off or The Great British Baking Show as American’s know it is probably the best thing to come out of Britain lately. As with most wonderful things to come to America from the UK the name was changed. According to an article from “Pillsbury owns the rights to the phrase “Bake-Off” in the United States and Pillsbury did not want to lend PBS the name.” (  Although the name is different the show is left completely unedited.

This show is so incredibly wholesome and absorbing. The simple and calming music helps lend the atmosphere of being in a small bakery as the contestants bake for their lives. The show features home bakers as they attempt to prove they have what it takes to be the next star baker. Each episode, the current crop of contestants have to bake in three separate rounds. The first being the signature challenge in which the contestants have to bake a recipe of their creation fitting the theme of the episode. The themes are different types of baked goods such as bread, biscuits, pies, cake, and puddings. After the signature challenge is the technical round. In which the contestants have to reproduce a dish with minimal instructions. The final round is the showstopper challenge. The bakers must produce a dish that shows off their skill. 

Along the way some bakers struggle to complete dishes, resulting in some disastrous outcomes. The best part of this show is the wholesome competition. Often the hosts or even other contestants help one another and cheer each other on to success. There is never a season where you are disappointed in the winner as everyone is so kind and pure. 

The show is interesting because the types of baked goods and flavorings are like nothing we know of in America. Watching contestants mix interesting flavors and bake different goods inspires us to bake more. 

Who is this show for?

 Everyone! The Great British Bake Off is a heartwarming g-rated show about cooking and being a good person. 

When is the best time to watch? 

        This show is great for when you want to watch something casually. We like to watch while cleaning the house or cooking dinner.

One sentence summary?        Sweet British people politely complete for the title of best baker.

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