We Hate Valentine’s Day, and You Should Too!

We consider ourselves to have a very romantic relationship. But we both hate valentines day and here’s why:

  • It is totally unromantic – seriously, everyone and their uncle is celebrating their romance on this day
  • Everything is more expensive – flowers, chocolate, restaurants, and more mark up their prices because of the societal expectations that everyone must purchase these items
  • It puts a strain on a relationship – the pressure to meet all of the “standards” of a good partner on this day makes it hard for new relationships and even old ones to progress naturally
  • Forced romance – is not romance 

For us, the most romantic thing our partner can do is be romantic when it is not expected which is why we have recommended:

12 Sweet Things You Can Do To Show Your Partner You Love Them. https://twospartanstoo.com/2020/02/13/12-sweet-things-you-can-do-to-show-your-partner-you-love-them/

In the end, no one should have to have a day to remind them to do something sweet for the ones they love. They should instead do something sweet on any other day. It will mean so much more for their partner. 

What do you think about this polarizing topic? Comment Below.

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