12 Sweet Things You Can Do To Show Your Partner You Love Them.

A gesture of love does not have to be grand, forced, or expensive. Sometimes something so simple such as

1.Make them dinner.

It’s easy to do and conveys so much emotion in such a little action.

2. Write a sincere love note.

It’s old fashioned, but it works wonders. Tell your partner how much they mean to you and encourage them in their endeavors. If handwriting is not your thing send a text or email you can still get the message across.


3. Hide little notes around the house. 

Kay loves to write on sticky notes and place them in random places around the house. When we first started dating she would hide notes in Drew’s office, room, and bathroom. He really smiled when he found them and was home alone. Now that we live together Kay still does this and when Drew finds the notes it really makes his day.  

4. Plan a small adventure

Go explore your local neighborhood. Go on a walk. Go stargazing. 

5. Plan a large adventure

Have a restaurant you both wanted to go to? Then go. Or if you’re thinking bigger, take that trip you wanted to go on. 

6. Give them a sincere hug when they don’t expect it

Physical touch is a strong way to convey emotion and for some, it’s a need that people often neglect. 

7. Spend some time doing what they love 

Sometimes in a relationship, you forget that you are not the entity known as KayDrew and as a result, you might neglect some of the hobbies you both once enjoyed separately. Take the time and revisit some. 

8. Make them a treat

People say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and it’s not wrong. The treat can be something simple like popcorn! 

9. Surprise them with an item they have been wanting. 

Gift-giving is one of the oldest ways of showing affection and if it’s something they have wanted, it means so much more

10. Plan something that you can do together 

Spending quality time together can really help solidify a relationship. This doesn’t have to involve going somewhere or even doing something specific. We enjoy a board game and dinner in kinda night.

11. Send a compliment or two their way

Just like the physical is important, the mental is as well so give your partner some encouragement. You don’t have to only complement their physical features so be creative! 

12. Tell them you love them

Honestly, one of the best ways to express love to your partner is to just tell them. We really appreciate it and sometimes get butterflies in our stomachs 🙂

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