Wizard for Hire: Dresden Files

What does the word wizard bring to mind? Does it conjure the image of a scarred boy associated with lighting

Or does it conjure the image of a centuries old man in long robes throwing gouts of fire and lighting?

What if I told you that these images are wrong. Instead, the word wizard should conjure the image of a lanky man in a leather duster.

The Dresden Files written by Massachusetts native Jim Butcher tells the story of the aforementioned man. This man is Harry Dresden, the only man listed under wizard in the yellow pages. Dresden is a resident of the city of Chicago and acts as its faithful protector. He works as a supernatural private investigator solving various cases. When things are unexplainable, Dresden is the one to call. Backed by Karren Murphy of the Chicago PD, M.E. Waldo Butters, and Knight of the Cross, Micheal Carpenter, Dresden does his best to solve the cities problems. The makeup of which include Vampires, Ghouls,  Werewolfs, Fallen Angels, and more mundane stuff like the mafia. Dresden does all of this, while the White Council of Wizards breathes down his neck for breaking a rule set by them during his youth.  

If you love fantasy or mystery novels I highly recommend the series. The characters are well written. Plot-lines from books are carried over into the next and overall you just want to find out what happens. The series has even been spun into a TV show (it’s…ok), comics, graphic novels, short stories, and even a role-playing game. With the 16th book coming out this year, I figured I would spread the word. 


Have you read the series? Let us know your thoughts below.

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