KayDrew Eats: Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant

Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant is located in Lansing, Michigan just 12 minutes south of I-496 in a deserted strip mall. Don’t be fooled by this restaurant’s unexciting exterior nor the boarded-up stores surrounding it, the food you are about to eat here is fantastic.

Naing Myanmar is a family-run, family-style dining experience serving Burmese, Thai, and Malaysian cuisine. All items are cooked to order and take a while to prepare. You certainly shouldn’t plan to go there for a quick bite. There are food options for everyone; from the most adventurous eaters to the pickiest, you can find something to enjoy. However, we would suggest that people with allergies talk to the staff before ordering. Everything on the menu has a wide range of ingredients and varying spice levels (medium is our favorite but the levels are inconsistent). 

We have eaten here multiple times and loved everything we have ordered. We recommend visiting on a Friday or Saturday to order their specials. Our favorite item is the coconut noodle soup with chicken (weekend special). This soup is packed full of flavor and has a medium spice level. Additionally, the chicken and veggies in the soup add extra flavor to this already mouthwatering broth.

 Drew’s favorite thing is the Fried Rice Stick better known as #15 Pad See Yew. This is Drew’s go-to dish at every Thai restaurant and Naing Myanmar makes it the best with fresh veggies and delicious sauce all while lacking the intense sweetness of other chain restaurants. 

Kay’s favorite is the #17 Thai Basil over rice with egg. Kay loves this dish because it has a variety of veggies, rice, egg and choice of pork or chicken. The spice level is customizable and Kay enjoys medium. 

All in all, we have to say we have enjoyed every item we have ever ordered and have made a habit to not order the same thing twice except for the specials and Drew’s Pad See Yew. As an added bonus you get a lot of bang for your buck and an average meal for two costs around $20 with tip (a perfect date night on a budget). 

What you need to know

-family-run, family-style

-fresh unique dishes

-amazing flavors

-reasonable costs


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