♥ We`re Engaged! …Our Story Continued ♥

Well, we have some news… this is the year we will say I do!

On November 1st, 2019 Drew asked Kay to go for a date to the Michigan State Rose Garden, the site of our first date and a few other dates. First, Drew took Kay to the Landscape Arboretum (a place she had never visited) where we strolled through the Japanese and English Gardens then finally to the Guernsey Michigan Garden. There, standing on the state rock sculpture he knelt onto one knee and asked very simply, “Kay, Will you marry me?”. Kay immediately burst into tears and said, “Yes!” After a few minutes of crying (we mean minutes) Kay finally regained her composure and asked to look at the ring! More crying ensued. We then took some pictures and went for a walk together in the rose garden appreciating our time together.

Next, Drew whisked Kay away to a weekend of joy. We were able to visit each of our families and tell everyone our news in person. This was absolutely a whirlwind but the most special memory we will treasure forever. In telling everyone we loved we were able to include them in on our special weekend and include them in our happiness. For those we weren’t able to tell in person, we FaceTimed. We highly recommend telling as many people as possible in person. It’s a wonderful experience and it brightens so many peoples’ day.

After the weekend, the planning started and it was that sudden. We will elaborate more on how that’s going later. For now, we are enjoying the time together and are excited about the things to come.

The Sparknotes
Boy asked question
Girl said yes
Crying Part Two
Wedding Planning Began (more on that later)

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