ShellShock Live

The Past

Ahh nostalgia. One of the most powerful forces in the universe. How it applies in this case, goes back to the days of flash games. Years ago when websites like addicting games and new grounds were in their prime, there was a game played at all my buddies’ houses. Whenever someone went to a house with internet, it was on the top of the list to do. That game was Tanks.

It was a simple flash game in which tanks take turns shooting at each other. Depending on how one did in the previous round determined how many points you had to buy new weapons and upgrade your tanks. In the end, skill and strategy controlled who won. I sunk hours into the game but eventually it faded out.

The Present

Which is why I was excited when I saw a certain game being played in a youtube video. That game was ShellShock Live. It was the same as I remember but at the same time better. As soon as I could I bought the game and booted it up. The core of the game didn’t change. Plus new modes were added including juggernaut, skill shot, and assassin, as well as single-player missions. This all kept the game I love fresh and new while at the same time still being familiar. The greatest thing about the game though was that now local people weren’t required and I could play with my friends everywhere. Which isn’t even required. I have found that the online community for the game is great (slight caveat, its been a hot second since I played last so I have no idea how the community is now.) Almost every match I was in, people were pleasant. They greeted each other, talked about the game and even asked how I was doing. I even had a few pleasant conversations with international people and I had even had conversations about politics, and the best goals in life to have.

Some of the select-able weapons

If you want to start playing the game (which I highly recommend) start with the single-player missions. They start out pretty easy and give you easy exp. The exp allows you to upgrade your tank when you level up. The upgrades are divided into Treads, Barrel, Luck, and Armor. Upgrade treads first and then armor, barrel, and then luck. Luck should be last but do whatever you feel.

The upgrade section

Once you’re all set from there, go online but be warned people aren’t going to go easy on you. Matches tell you the average level of the players in the match and when you enter you can see everyone’s levels. The higher levels will crush you but have fun anyway. Finally, don’t just play team deathmatch or free-for-all, try some of the weirder ones above.

Overall, even if you didn’t play tanks, try Shellshock. It’s an easy game to play. Matches can take less than 10 min. It’s a good game to pick up, play for a bit and put back down. With the price of 7 dollars attached its a steal. Plus you can find it now on Xbox and PlayStation.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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