KayDrew Eats: Popcorn Edition

We love popcorn! We make it a few times a week and have collectively eaten it for almost every meal. We thought it would be fun to rank the most common methods of preparing it. 

  1. Whirly-Pop – We absolutely recommend this stovetop method. It leaves few unpopped kernels and is by far the best-tasting popcorn we’ve had. It is our go-to method. 
  2. Wok/Bowl- We used this method when our Whirly-Pop broke and another was ordered. Simply cover with aluminum foil and add a few vent holes and you have nice crispy popcorn. (From Chef Alton Brown)
  3. Pan- The basic way. It takes little time and all you need is a pan and a lid. This is a good alternative for when you’re craving good popcorn away from home.
  4. Movie Theater Machine- Not everyone has one of these and they can be expensive, but it does produce good popcorn. It’s more worthwhile buying a whirly-pop.
  5. Jiffy-Pop- Good if you have one on hand or are camping, but not worth buying otherwise.
  6. Microwave- In Case of Popcorn Emergencies Only. Only use if you run out of kernels. It takes about the same amount of time as a pan and is nowhere near as good (plus burnt popcorn smell lasts forever).

KayDrew’s Culinary Tips: 

Use coconut oil (has a nice subtle flavor) or peanut oil 

Use salted butter on top (this helps to control the amount of salt)

Consider purchasing flavacol (it’s the stuff they use in movie theaters)

Try different types of kernels and find what you like (We like white kernels) 

Try different seasonings to find what you like

Our Favorite Popcorn Seasonings 

  • Salt and pepper – we are trying to reduce our sodium intake so it’s mostly pepper
  • Chili powder and garlic – this is by far the yummiest way to eat popcorn, it’s almost similar to Mexican street corn (we occasionally add a sprinkle of parmesan for a special treat)
  • Dill pickle seasoning – Kay loves this, Drew tolerates
  • Carmel Corn -Drew’s go-to seasoning whenever he goes to the movies (he understands it’s gross but so is dill pickle seasoning)
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