Undertale: Kay Plays Part 1

So unlike Kay, Drew is a video game super fan. He really appreciates the animation of games, storyline, and unique features of almost every game he plays. Kay, on the other hand, can barely enjoy playing solitaire on her iPad for more than 5 minutes. She just gets bored and has little patience for video games. Additionally, she is really prone to motion sickness making gaming a hard hobby to enjoy. Now for the sake of love, Kay often supports Drew as he plays Call of Duty but she doesn’t watch for long. As such, Drew has turned to old school games to entice Kay and so far it has worked. Kay enjoys playing Mario Party with friends especially on the Nintendo 64. Continuing with his success, Drew has turned to an old school style modern game and encouraged Kay to try Undertale. 

 For those that don’t know, Undertale is a game, released in 2015, that had huge success. It was met with critical and consumer acclaim for the story, gameplay, and even the music. This acclaim is a big deal for a game made by a small team/one guy. Undertale has very unique mechanics that will surprise anybody. If you haven’t played the game I can’t recommend it more. If you aren’t the playing type then find someone on youtube you like and watch them play it. You don’t want to miss this game! Now the big thing was enticing Kay to play.

 It took listening to some of the music, talking about how great it is, and hinting at the story to get Kay to play. It also took weeks of polite pressure and asking but finally, I got her to sit on the couch and play it. With great pain and regret, Kay imputed her name and started. She thought the 8-bit sprites were weird and disliked the amount of text immediately thrown at her. She found this new world frightening. But she powered through it and found the creatures mainly the mother figure very cute. She loved the pie she was given and ate it fast enough that she had to reset because it was a waste of the item’s power. She finished the tutorial in one night which was a big deal. Over the next few weeks, Kay would play while Drew cooked dinner and he often helped her get past some of the more difficult levels. 

We will come back and visit this again 🙂

In the meantime comment below and tell us some of your favorite retro games Drew can introduce Kay to!


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