♥ How We Met ♥

We first met mid-August 2018 after both swiping right on Bumble, the dating app. Of course per the app, Kay messaged first and Drew quickly responded. From there, we talked for over a month. Kay looked forward to Drew’s morning greetings and unlike most people, we did not wait long hours to text back instead we messaged back and forth in a constant stream of conversation ending only to sleep and go to class. Kay quickly moved the conversation to Snapchat where they could send pictures of each other’s faces along with messages. Drew was hesitant and only sent awkward/horrible pictures of the ground. On the other hand, Kay sent a barrage of her face while bugging Drew for pictures of his face.  Drew asked Kay out on a date after two/three weeks of talking but Kay was nervous to meet him and also consumed with studying for the GRE. So, they agreed to meet a little later. The first few meetings were awkward, as expected, but it was so nice to finally see each other’s faces in person instead of on Snapchat. On one of our first dates, we “watched” Moana because Drew had never seen it before. Of course, we talked over the entire film and also 4 episodes of the Great British Bake Off that we threw on after the movie. It was clear to us that there was a spark.

That spark quickly evolved into a roaring flame. Over the following weeks, we spent more and more time together. To the point that we became inseparable. In the beginning, Drew was asked where he was going by his friends and the answer was always to hang out with Kay. Kay’s friends started to assume that if you were inviting out Kay then Drew would probably need an invite as well. Soon, jokes started and couple names were formed (thanks Nic and Carly). Reflecting on it, it was a wonderful whirlwind, that too this day continues spinning.

The SparkNotes

  • Boy swiped right, Girl swiped right
  • They talked nonstop for months
  • They met… *cue fireworks*
  • She fell in love at first sight, it took him a bit longer
  • Dating ensued


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