Terror On Tillson

We are always looking for a fun cheap date that gives us a memorable experience and may even help us establish our own traditions. Local towns and communities can be a great source of date nights especially because communities often offer free, fun events. Kay and I were in my hometown to watch my parent’s dogs while they were on vacation. We wanted something not far to help us have a date night while not leaving the dogs for half a day.  The famous Tillson Street Halloween decorations in Romeo, Michigan was just the place for us. This street is famous around October for going all out on Halloween. And they really do go all out. People set up elaborate set pieces themed around whatever they want. Yards have crashed pirate ships, western towns, spooky skeleton weddings and more all filled with family friendly spooky things. The community of the street pride themselves on providing a safe and entertaining place for families to visit. The street is packed with throngs of people all looking at all the houses and designs. The tradition started from the homeowners passion for the holiday and most but not all homes on the street participate. The street is short and only took us around 20 minutes to walk. We went a week before Halloween and there were almost 300 people enjoying the displays so we did have to walk in a line. If you are near the area it is definitely worth checking it out, however finding a place to park is going to be difficult. Try finding an empty spot on a side street or a closed business on the main road to park on. 

The homeowners and organizers are amazing people. The costs of the displays come directly out of their own wallets and any money earned are gifted to local charity organizations. Since the street is public it costs nothing to walk down it but they have set up at one of the houses a small tent that sells shirts, hot cocoa, and cookbooks to help the charities. 

The people of Tillson Street and the town of Romeo really inspire us and show us that there are still good people in this country making positive contributions to society truly out of the goodness of their own hearts. If you would like to plan a visit please check out Tillson Street on Facebook or their website here: http://www.terrorontillson.com

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