We Got Saucy…

What happened when we bought all of the Sauces…. A ranking.

We love to do random, wacky stuff as dates at home. A few weeks ago we were shopping for our usual groceries and Drew really wanted to try the new Heinz Mayocue and other weird creations. So we decided to buy 7 different sauces (to keep in line with our $20 date night budget). We each decided to pick 3 and then get 1 we agreed upon. To start, we each had to choose one bbq sauce. Then we chose one sandwich sauce. We finished by choosing whatever we wanted (within the price range of course). The result for the barbeque section was: Budweiser bbq sauce, Sticky Fingers, and Stubbs. The other sauces included Sweet Baby Rays: Ray’s Secret Sauce, Sandwich Pal, Mayocue, and Kranch. 

We baked some salt and pepper chicken drumsticks to have an even starting point. We then put each sauce on a plate and worked our way through the sauces together.  

With full bellies, we concluded that too many bbq sauces exist. In all seriousness, there are some pretty good sauces out there. Our top bbq sauce was Sweet Baby Ray’s which wasn’t any of sauces we bought but was one we had in the fridge. We were both raised on Sweet Baby Ray’s and nothing can beat the thick sweet sauce. Our top sauce in the “other” category was also Sweet Baby Rays but it was their Ray’s Secret Sauce which was kind of like a horseradish based sauce similar to the sauce served with a blooming onion at any restaurant. This sauce was absolutely delicious and so far the only one we have finished weeks later. We enjoy putting this on oven-roasted potatoes. The complete rankings are down below.

Our grocery store sauce haul (missing: the previously purchased Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ).

The final rankings: 

  1. Sweet Baby Rays: Ray’s Secret Sauce
  2. Sweet Baby Rays
  3. Budweiser Sweet and Smoky BBQ
  4. Sticky Fingers
  5. Sandwich Pal Horseradish Sauce
  6. Stubbs Sweet Honey and Spice BBQ
  7. Mayocue and Kranch both at the bottom because they sucked

Ultimately this entire idea stemmed from the desire to taste Kranch and Maycue. Both of these sauces were horrible and days later we mixed up our own favorite ketchup and ranch and the taste was exponentially better. This was such a fun date night because it involved us comparing ideas and opinions. It was fun to focus an entire dinner on a topic that was different from our daily conversations. We also tried things outside of our usual which was nice. We would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an adventure at home.

What is your go-to sauce? Let us know in the comments below.


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