We’re Broke… Dating on a Budget

As recent college graduates we have struggled to find our million dollar careers. This means that we live on a tight budget. We especially want to save money for our future. It can be hard to find money to go on dates, but we have found that setting aside this money is essential for our relationship. We both determined early on that we needed to set aside intentional time once a week to get out of our routine and treat ourselves to a date. The thing is, dating for us doesn’t always need to be dinner and a movie or drinks. This makes it easier to create and stay on a budget.

The Budget

With our current financial situation we decided that we would set aside $20 a week for a date. But we also try to stay under budget as much as possible. For us a date can be as simple as taking a walk in Michigan State’s Rose Garden or Speedy Freeze’s and popcorn with our current binge show. We like to be creative and do things unique to us. Having these lower budget dates during a month allows us to spend money on a bigger date such as a fancy dinner or movie. These special dates allow us to really appreciate the experience and it makes going out to eat more special. 


  1. Create a realistic budget. Sit down and talk about how much you both can realistic set aside for date night each week. This budget does not have to be the same each week it can change weekly based on bills and other expenses
  2. Think outside of the typical date box. It’s okay to branch out of your comfort zone to stay in your budget. If you stay indoors most of the time, you could check out a local garden, park, or hiking trail. Maybe try your significant other’s favorite activity (crafting or video games for us). 
  3. Try something new. Check out a local band, cook a unique dish, or even start a blog together. Sharing a new experience or starting a new adventure together can be really bonding. It’s really fun to learn something new together because you can both start out on the same page. 
  4. Communicate clearly. It’s okay to go over the budget to be spontaneous sometimes but make sure you are both communicating about it after the moment to ensure you aren’t being spontaneous all the time. 

In the next few months we will be providing some examples of the fun dates we have had. Keep an eye out for those! 

Be Sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date with our content. We will be having a more regular schedule coming soon, right now we are just trying to figure out the mechanics of blogging. 

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