We Start Here

Hello Welcome to our new blog! Be mindful we are still under construction.

Hi world! We are Kay and Drew, a couple of barely 20 somethings who just graduated college from Michigan State University and are now trying to figure out this post college life. We met on the dating app bumble one year ago and fell madly in love (well I did it took him a little longer than that). We still live in East Lansing, Michigan. 

Collectively we are interested in traveling, youtube, netflix, board games and shenanigans to make every day more interesting.

Why start blogging?

We definitely accept the idea that opposites attract and while we have different interests we have been intential throughout our relationship to create a long lasting bond. So we wanted to share our unique adventures and experiences with the world. Maybe, also helping someone else figure things out. We hope you enjoy joining us as we start our lives together.

What can you find here?

Short answer: Everything. Long Answer: We are choosing to focus on a few categories. These include: Gaming, Relationships, Traveling, Food

Who is this blog for?

Anyone and Everyone

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